Sam Collins

Independent Product Manager


Sam is an independent product manager, and was previously the co-founder and CEO of a software startup.

Sam grew up in Ireland and graduated from the University of Edinburgh, UK with a Master of Engineering with honors. Along with his thesis partner, Sam was awarded the UK Graduate Of The Year by the Institute of Fire Engineers for their work on the behavior and dynamics of fire in high altitude environments. The chief firefighter of Peru suffered minor injuries from their full-scale fire tests in the Andes, but that’s a story for another time.

Sam is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA, and is passionate about applying technology with great product management and user-centered design to change the world for people.

Recent Projects

Technology For Retailers: Implementing an ERP System from Scratch

Applying data, tech and testing to help a brick and mortar startup retailer achieve $2MM sales in first 12 months.

MindtheProduct: Prototyping at Google X with Tom Chi

750 PM’s attended our debut conference and experienced iteration at Google[x] speed.

Functional Food User Research: How to Use Data to Improve our Eating Habits

Over 50 user interviews exploring the opportunity for disruptive innovation in the food industry.

Startup Lessons Learned: Building Technology for Event Organizers

The lessons learned from my first startup that motivated me to master developing new products and always put the user first.

Zocial Buttons: Nerding Out on CSS

A little library I wrote that currently has 1,475 stars and 268 forks on Github and is deployed on ~25,000 websites.

Side Projects

An Approach to Digital Matter at Furniture-Scale and Beyond
A Random Roadtrip to Chernobyl
Applying Technology to Improve Education in Ireland
TechMeetup Scotland: Building Communities


A traditional form of my resumé is available here.


I’m on the lookout for a group of misfits thoughtful, committed individuals who believe they can change the world - if you think that might be you, I’d love to hear from you.

Please feel free to email me or you can find me elsewhere online:
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